For names of the non-english players see slideshow below. GIF: watson

From all over the world

This Gif shows the countries of origin of all the Manchester United players since 1980 

There have been many foreign players wearing the shirt of the Red Devils. Do you remember all of them since 1980? Who was that Chinese? How many Germans have played for Manchester United? You'll find out here.

18.12.14, 15:25

The first foreign player for Manchester United (exept the UK and Ireland) was Carlo Sartori from 1968 to 1973. After the Italien the next foreign player was the Yugoslavian Nikola Jovanovic (now Montenegro). From that day on the diversity grew almost every year.

We did a similar Gif for Bayern Munich for the time from 1963 until today. You'll find it here!

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Zeno Hirt, 25.6.2017
Immer wieder mal schmunzeln und sich freuen an dem, was da weltweit alles passiert! Genial!
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