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«My nigga Klose» – the World Cup told in 18 great tweets from Rihanna

Rihanna may be the biggest celebrity to get hooked on the world cup. She has been tweeting constantly, giving hints to which team she is supporting. Here is the top list of tweets along with memorable photos from the games.

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In the 5th place of Rihanna's World Cup favourites: The USA

Knockout loss to Belgium, but the heroic struggle pays off: Riri loves the U.S. boys. gif: watson/video: srf 

«Gestikulator» Juergen Klinsmann is in the singer's good books. gif: watson/video: srf

4th Place: Holland - «my Dutch Boyz»

Oh La La: Riri rewarded the late penalty success for Holland with sexy photos. gif: watson/video: srf

Controversial victory against Mexico (See Robben’s dive): But Rihanna still has love for the «Oranje». gif: watson/video: srf

3rd place: Portugal - «Sweeeeeet ass goal Ronaldo»

Ronaldo scores his first and only goal in the World Cup against Ghana: Rihanna honors the goal in her own way. gif: watson/video: srf

Pepe's «head-butt» against Thomas Müller.  gif: watson/video: srf

«Come on, Pepe!» Portugal against the United States: Rihanna thanks Valera for his equaliser in the 95th minute. gif: watson/video: srf

2nd place: Brazil - «get this shit started!!»

Thiago Silva's early score against Colombia brings them into the lead – Rihanna gets straight to the point. gif: watson/video: srf

David Luiz' curling free kick makes it 2-0. Why not let the baby hold the flag?  gif: watson/video: srf

And 1st place goes toooooo: Germany - «My nigga Klose»

Miroslav Klose scores the equaliser and quickly becomes Riri's «nigga». Yo! gif: watson/video: srf

Even though Hummels' header secured the mini-victory against France this goal only earned a modest “Congrats” from Riri. gif: watson/video: srf

And a special award goes to Colombia, for having the best looking fans!

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