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Owls are a zillion times better than cats. Even if the internet is in denial

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lina selmani & dr. timothy

Do you love cats? Of course you love cats. Everybody loves cats. Even people allergic to cats love cats. The internet is literally forcing us to love cats. Cats are little more than a poor man's owl, though. We'll prove it to you.

Yes, cats are kinda cute. But have you ever petted an owl?

GIF: Tumblr/My Name Is Adam

Now. Really. Look!

GIF: Tumblr/Enyosta


GIF: Gifbay

How could you ever pet a cat again after seeing this?

GIF: Tumblr/Linde-Louu

Can cats do this?

GIF: Gifbay

Or this?

GIF: Tumblr/Aliibum

Even in the cats core business, such as chasing mice, owls rule. They approach and ...

GIF: Tumblr/The Art Of Ryan Seslow

... destroy their prey. 

GIF: Pixelfucks

And cats? They approach and ...

GIF: Tumblr/Only-Thee-Best

... destroy themselves.

GIF: Tumblr/Dr-Fluffys-Symposium

Owls are simply cool. And they stay cool. Whatever happens.

GIF: Tumblr/TheBeatSignal

Everybody should have their own personal owl.

GIF: Tumblr/Ms-Captainrainbow

And now please repeat: Owls are better than cats. Owls are better than cats. Owls are better than cats.

GIF: Tumblr/Kill-Joyradiocat

So what are owls? Better than cats!

GIF: Tumblr/Little Animals Gifs

To all cat picture spamming Facebook friends out there: Take this!

GIF: Tumblr/Dr-Fluffys-Symposium

These are your oh so Supercats.

GIF: Tumblr/Sandwichhangover

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Charly Otherman, 5.5.2017
Watson kann nicht nur lustig! Auch für Deutsche (wie mich) ein Muss, obwohl ich das schweizerische nicht immer verstehe.
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