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1 legendary game, 15 legendary hits

And Now: Germany's Historic 7:1 Win as Told through Classic Queen Songs

«Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?» Chances are, Brazil's side pondered Freddie Mercury's musings from «Bohemian Rhapsody» during their epic semi-final humiliation at the hands of Germany.  
09.07.2014, 15:3210.07.2014, 15:58

We Will Rock You

Germany's pre-game intentions? No surprises there.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

Under Pressure

That would be Brazil after Thomas Müller's early 0:1 ...
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

Another one Bites the Dust

23 Minutes played and Brazil concedes another goal. Miroslav Klose scores and becomes all-time World Cup record scorer.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

Don't Stop me now ('Cause I'm Having a Good Time)

You betcha the Germans are having a good time! Toni Kroos scores twice within just 69 seconds – and hey presto it's 4:0 for ze Vaterland.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

I'm Going Slightly mad

Brazil's losing it (pardon the pun): Barely played half an hour and 0:5 behind after Sami Khedira's goal.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Half time musings of the Seleçao: «Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.»
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

The Miracle

A bit of pep talk from Scolari: «Come on! All we need now is a miracle!» Unconfirmed reports claim Hulk (inbetween bites off his customary half time spit roast pig) responded by kicking Scolari in his sambas.
Video: Youtube/QueenHouse85

Radio Ga Ga

Meanwhile, Neymar's recovering from his injury, right? Afraid his nerves could not take the strain, he initially swore not to watch the game. After 63 minutes of reading comics on a reclining bed in the hospital garden, his curiosity gets the better of him. He cannot believe the news and immediately attempts to find the hidden camera filming what clearly must be a prank.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

I Want it all

Giving up is not a character trait typically associated with the Germans. Hence André Schürrle's goal, putting his side 6:0 ahead.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

Let me Live

Insert dodgy comments about "ruthless efficiency" here – they might even be rather fitting, seeing that Schürrle scores again after 79 minutes upping the ante to 7:0. Oi – just say that out loud, go on: Seven-nil! Seven. Effin'. Nil.
Video: Youtube/David R. Fuller

Bicycle Race

Meanwhile, German keeper Manuel Neuer's thinking: «This is boring. I could've taken a nice little bicycle ride» ... moments before Oscar scores. 1:7 after 90 minutes? Better than nothing, I suppose. Not anything to write home about.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

I Want to Break Free

«I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here!» David Luiz' plea goes unheard. His compulsory post match interview goes ahead. Even after the worst defeat of his career.
Video: Youtube/Queen Freddie

A Kind of Magic

Football fans everywhere agree: What we've just witnessed cannot be of this world.
Video: Youtube/Queen Official

The Show Must go on

Poor Brazil. No, they can't just slink off home and hang their heads. They have to take the walk of shame onto the pitch again where they will fight for the coveted 3rd place. Ugh. 
Video: Youtube/WandererAwake

We are the Champions

So Germany is the odds-on favourite for the finals, regardless who their opponent may be, Argentina or Holland. Hands up who thinks The Krauts will be singing Queens all time stadium fave?
Video: Youtube/Queen Official
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