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Wie viele Punkte schaffen Sie im schwierigsten Quiz der Welt? 

Dieses Wissensquiz ist ziemlich happig. Wie viele der zehn möglichen Punkte können Sie erreichen?

27.06.14, 09:00 27.06.14, 11:18
1.Leprakranke auf Tahiti anno 1898: Die Krankheit ist nicht nur für Menschen die Pest, sondern kann auch einige wenige Tiere heimsuchen. Welche der folgenden Arten kann auch betroffen sein?
epa01509300 L-R Mali (meaning Jasmine in English) the hippopotamus and her grandaughter enjoy Mali's  birthday cake made of vegetables and fruit at a party to celebrate her 42nd birthday at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand, 04 October 2008. Mali came to Thailand from the Tilburg zoo in The Netherlands in 1970, and has since given birth to 14 young hippos. She is one of the most loved animals at the Bangkok city zoo, which is situated opposite the nation's  Parliament House.  EPA/BARBARA WALTON
Das Nilpferd
An elephant seal pup rests by the water at Piedras  Blancas Beach in San Simeon, California, Saturday 12 March 2005. Northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) are a remarkable species, as they have rebounded remarkably after facing near extinction. Harvesting these noble giants forced them through a bottleneck, leaving a mere 20-100 seals. But despite the setback, the northern elephant seal population continues to increase at a rate of 6 percent per year. Their total population today stands at approximately 127,000.  EPA/ARMANDO ARORIZO
Der See-Elefant
This image provided by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium shows a female Argonaut, or paper nautilus, a species of cephalopod that was recently scooped out of the ocean off the California coast. The baseball-sized animal is making herself at home at the aquarium, bobbing up and down in her tank furling and unfurling her sucker-covered arms. This strange octopus is rare in California, because it only lives in tropical and subtropical waters. (AP Photo/Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Gary Florin)
AP Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Der Tintenfisch
A sloth peeks out from behind a door on a floating house in the 'Lago do Janauari' near Manaus, Brazil, Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Manaus is one of the host cities for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
Das Faultier
London Zoo shows off its first hairy armadillo, a young female called Heather, Thursday May 6, 2004. The armadillo is about 18 inches (50 cms) long and weighs about 3.5kg. (KEYSTONE/AP Photo/John D McHugh)
Das Gürteltier
Antelope gather in a pen to cool down after being  rounded up and transported throughout the region near Loa, Utah, Dec. 5, 2005. The Parker Mountain unit holds more than 2,500 pronghorns. The current management objective is to keep the herd to around 2,000. The goal was to trap and move about 350 antelope, mostly does and fawns, with a few bucks interspersed to make a herd at their new locations. (KEYSTONE/AP Photo/Deseret Morning News, Tom Smart) ** MAGS OUT,  **
Die Antilope
2.Lakehurst, New Jersey, 6. Mai 1937: Das Luftschiff Hindenburg mit 97 Personen an Bord geht in Flammen auf. Wie viele Passagiere überleben?
The German dirigible Hindenburg crashes to earth, tail first, in flaming ruins after exploding on May 6, 1937, at the U.S. Naval Station in Lakehurst, USA. Sunday, May 6, 2007 marks the 70th anniversary of the disaster. (AP Photo/Murray Becker) ** B/W ONLY **
3.Wem überreichte die Stadt Detroit einst den Schlüssel zur Stadt?
Italy's Premier Benito Mussolini operates a tractor plow as he officiates at the founding new City of Aprilia on the site of former wasteland at the Pontine marshes in Italy, April 1935.  (KEYSTONE/AP Photo/Str)
Benito Mussolini
Muammal al Gaddafi
** FILE ** Then Iraqi President Ahmed Hassan el Bakr, right, and Saddam Hussein are pictured in Baghdad in this November 1978 file photo.  (AP Photo/file)
Saddam Hussein (links)
Der britische Premierminister Arthur Neville Chamberlain, links, und Adolf Hitler bei ihrem Treffen im Bad Godesberger Hotel Dreesen. Was die beiden am 22. September 1938 hier im Streit um das zu Tschechien gehoerende Sudetenland
Adolf Hitler (rechts)
Osama bin Laden
4.Als Hollywood-Legende Errol Flynn am 14. Oktober 1959 im Alter von 50 Jahren starb, hatte er seit zwei Jahren eine Beziehung mit Beverly Aadland. Wie alt war diese, als ihr Techtelmechtel begann?
circa 1936:  Tasmanian film star Errol Flynn (1909 - 1959).  (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
5.Im Winter 1916/1917 schlossen Truppen des Russischen und des Deutschen Reichs in der Gegend um Kaunas, Vilnius und Minsk vorübergehend Waffenstillstand. Warum?
Um Weihnachten zu feiern.
Um Ferien zu machen.
Um Fussball zu spielen.
Um Wölfe zu jagen.
6.Welches dieser Länder hatte KEINE Kolonien?
7.Welches Land hat keine Armee?
epa01472481 A Marviva handout picture dated November 2007 and made available on 31 August 2008 shows an aereal view of Coco Island, Costa Rica. Coco Island is one of five Central America natural sites that are part of 77 international nominees competing to enter the new official list of the Seven Wonders of Nature. Cocos Island, located off the shore of Costa Rica, is a national park.  EPA/AVI KLAPFLER / MARVIVA / HO  EDITORIAL USE ONLY
Costa Rica
Luxemburg's old town skyline is seen from across the deep gorge that runs through the city in July, 1996. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a land where almost everybody has a job, the budget is balanced and incomes are among the world's highest. Small wonder the national motto is ``We want to stay what we are!''  (AP Photo/Paul Ames)
The Valletta Grand harbour is transformed into a light and fireworks show as Fort St. Anglo in the middle of the harbour is the higlight of the midnight show, as Malta  joins the European Union, Saturday 01 May 2004.  EPA/Karl Azzopardi
EPA Lino Arrigo Azzopardi
epa04250922 A view of Tree House Condominium, a 24-storey tower that housed the largest vertical garden in the world in Singapore, 12 June 2014. The 2,289 square metres garden that fronts the condominium built by City Developments Limited (CDL) won a Guinness World Record for the largest vertical garden in the world.  EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG
Jetty at Kurumba resort in Male atoll, Maldives, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012.The Indian Ocean island nation that is economically reliant on high-end tourism has been in political turmoil since then-President Mohamed Nasheed ordered a top judge arrested earlier this year and began losing support from the security forces.Tourism is the main industry in the Maldives, blessed with sandy beaches and coral. Most beach resorts have been untouched by the protests in Male and the southernmost atoll, Addu.(AP Photo/ Gemunu Amarasinghe)
8.Was wurde nicht gefunden, als auf der schwedischen Insel Helgö eine Wikinger-Stätte aus dem 3. Jahrhundert untersucht wurde?
Eine ägyptische Schöpfkelle
Eine byzantinische Schale
Eine indische Statute
Ein irischer Krummstab
Ein amerikanischer Tomahawk
9.Womit verdient der Hahn im Korb in der Mitte des Bildes seinen Lebensunterhalt?
Er veranstaltet Toga-Partys.
Er ist ein Erdöl-Magnat.
Er ist amerikanischer Präsident.
Er hat das Frauenwahlrecht in der Schweiz ermöglicht.
Er hat den Assuan-Staudamm gebaut.
Er hat den Männerrock erfunden.
10.Die Amerikanerin Lisa Sparks hat im Jahre 2004 den Gangbang-Weltrekord aufgestellt. Wie viele Männer beglückte sie an einem einzigen Tag?

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